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FuriousFox 03-01-2008 01:49 AM

Official Level Design Contest Voting: January/February 2008
Welcome to the January/February 2008 contest voting. We have 10 Multiplayer maps and 7 Single Player maps this time.

The voting works as follows: Play a few games of the stage in question, in the intended gametype for judging, and give the map a vote from 0 to 10, no decimals. You can not vote on your own map. Votes where the voter obviously did not play the level in its intended gametype, or where the voter did not play the multiplayer maps with other real players will be discarded. To encourage voting, if you are an author and you judge all of the competitor's maps, the lowest score on your map will be dropped. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

Although it's not necessary, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts.

Judging will end March 8th at midnight GMT (March 7th, 7:00 PM EST). The scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score is the winner.

The maps follow:

Single Player Zip - 3.1 MB

Single Player:
Emerald Valley Zone by I'll Begin
Ivy Caverns Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk
Lavender Lagoon Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk
Coastal Cave Zone, Act 1 by Arrisork
Daimondus Zone, Act 2 by Glaber
DimenGlabSpecial by Glaber
Forever Forest Zone by BlueZero4

Match/CTF/Circuit Contest Level Pack - 392 KB

MAPA1 - Arial Match Zone by Cheese
MAPA2 - Last Stand Zone by ST218
MAPA3 - Sand Fish by ST218
MAPA4 - Physics Lab Zone by Jazz

Capture the Flag:
MAPA5 - Spring Passage Zone by HYPERKNUX
MAPA6 - Season's Greetings Zone by ""

MAPA7 - Freezing Flare Zone by Simsmagic
MAPA8 - Tslxruf Village by ""
MAPA9 - Endless Mine Zone by Glaber
MAPAA - Wacky Track Zone by SonicMaster

Please make sure to play the levels in the intended gametype, and above all, have fun judging!

EDIT: Almost left one out due to spam filter problems. Fixed.

EDIT 2: Fixed a level name and filesize of SP pack.

Vash 03-01-2008 01:51 AM

Wow... it seemed to take forever to get to this day...

glaber 03-01-2008 02:24 AM

The contest judging started on "Leap Day"? I wasn't expecting this.

Quick note. The special Stage is on map 50 and Daimondus act 2 is on map 2.


Single Player:
Emerald Valley Zone by I'll Begin (7/10)
Hmm the level actually would up being shorter the second time around,but I really like the detail and the layout.

Ivy Caverns Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk (4/10)
It was decent, but pretty linear. I think the other reviews might be able to critique this better

Lavender Lagoon Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk (4/10)
Another decent map. I am disappointed that there was a lack of air bubbles under water.

Coastal Cave Zone, Act 1 by Arrisork (1/10)
This level suffers from Current Glaber syndrome/ RoboEgg Syndrome. the Island hopping was, IMO, poorly done and the accessible sectors were over sized. Some of the cave had its ceiling too low as well Plus I found an untextured wall. Near the end I encountered the "No clip things only" glitch. Over all I'd say this map needs to be sent to the recycle bin. (Not the computer one, the real world one.)

Daimondus Zone, Act 2 by Glaber (N/A) mine
Commentary: Daimondus act 2 was made to serve a few purposes. 1, to revive DrillaKilla and make it functional, To make the second level of Dimension Glaber, and to try to help me improve with sp level making at 1.04 level. The only SRB2 textures used was water, grass (flats), tree textures, and the sky. I know that one of you said something a bout using a remix, thing is this song is remixed less than the title sequence of Mega Man 2, and the Jazz 2 version is basically the remix of the Jazz 1 version.
Next SP stage will be Medivo act 1

DimenGlabSpecial by Glaber (N/A) mine
This was my special stage. The style was to imitate that of Jazz Jackrabbit only about 4/5. the last fifth being the amount of rings/gems I do have plans to only attempt this style one last time then either abandoning it or continuing with it. Most likely it will be abandoned

Forever Forest Zone by BlueZero4 (0/10)
Unable to load.

MAPA1 - Arial Match Zone by Cheese
MAPA2 - Last Stand Zone by ST218
MAPA3 - Sand Fish by ST218
MAPA4 - Physics Lab Zone by Jazz (3/10)
Eh... nice gimic but bad for a 1 on 1. I had way too much trouble finding my opponent and more fun going from sector to sector. I do wish to know how you did that quietly.

Capture the Flag:
MAPA5 - Spring Passage Zone by HYPERKNUX (5/10)
All I can really say about this map is I hate rail rings and design wise it seemed preaty good, but fealt lacking in the alt path department.

MAPA6 - Season's Greetings Zone by "" (6/10)
It just seemed to be a bit boring for me. but other than that, not bad.

MAPA7 - Freezing Flare Zone by Simsmagic 4/10
First thought, "Hailfire peaks?"

MAPA8 - Tslxruf Village by "" (7/10)
I see you made an attempt to even things up for Tails and Knuckles, but I was still beaten by a Sonic Player.

MAPA9 - Endless Mine Zone by Glaber (N/A) mine
Made to recreate the sonic 3 track and to experiment with NiGHTS circuit making. over all I'd say it was a good learning experience and helps differentiates Glaber Syndrome from RoboEgg Syndrome.

MAPAA - Wacky Track Zone by SonicMaster (7/10)
Well now, it looks like we're competing with each other in the NiGHTS category, eh Sonic Master? Well I actually thought this one was better than your last NiGHTS circuit, but I wasn't all too fond about the changing sky.

Spazzo 03-01-2008 03:14 AM

Match Voting now, the rest comes later.

MAPA1 - Arial Match Zone by Cheese - 4/10
Wow, ripoff much?
Aside from the obvious, there aren't that many redeeming areas of this level. The pillars that lead up to the top part are _way_ too small, and the infinity room was hard to get out of. For tails players, this level must be god.

MAPA2 - Last Stand Zone by ST218 - 3/10
ST218, please don't take this mark personally. I didn't actually figure out that you made this level - I was rather surprised to find out you did. Auto-bomb-homing? Super-large areas that take years to go around? Come on, I know you can do better than this. You prove it to me every time you come home from a date. *shot*

Oh, and did I mention ST218 Mapsize Syndrome?

MAPA3 - Sand Fish by ST218 - 4/10
This map puts the Xbox to shame. Nothing else really needs to be said, other than more-than-apparent ST218 mapsize syndrome.

MAPA4 - Physics Lab Zone by Jazz - 7/10
Ok, this was a pleasant surprise. A creative surprise, too. The teleports are a genuinely genius idea, and they appear to work well in the map. It looks well made, it's interesting, and it has a good ring count. Why just a 7/10? It's a big on the large side, as I got next to last place on this map because I got lost, in a 7-player netgame. Great job nonetheless, I'd love to see something like this fleshed out.

BlueZero4 03-01-2008 03:26 AM

Single player!

Emerald Coast Zone by I'll Begin - 6/10
I'll Begin, I love you. Starting out this contest with a playable map that wasn't an eyesore was really awesome. You really nailed the concepts of basic level design here.

The first half of the level was awesome. I loved how there was lots of stuff to do, and there as a lot of vertical changes in momentum. I aslo loved traveling down the waterfalls and finding more stuff to do. I was really disapointed when I foind out that the lovely route down the waterfalls was just a longer way to travel upwards. It would be way more awesome to come into the second area from an entirely different angle and just make an entirely seperate route out of it.

Although the level just deflated after the mid-way point. It was mostly a big bunch of springs. And while that isn't bad, what I really hated was dropping down in the water hoping to find more awesomeness and just finding a bland sector with nothing in it. How dissapointing.

Also, the trees were so totally like "LOLZ NOTHING TO SEE HERE JUST KEEP WALKING KTHXPIE."

Ivy Caverns Zone by Azure Hawk - 2/10
I really would've liked to use my jump button more. And I really would've liked to be able to have enough room to run fast.

That said, traps don't make a map. Try to make your map visually interesting so that it's not boring to play.

Lavender Lagoon Zone by Azure Hawk - 3/10
It seems you've gotten a little better at making something visually appealing, but yor gameplay was better in Ivy Caverns. The key word I'm looking at here is "flow".

Coastal Cave Zone, Act 1 by Arrisork - 3/10
Uh, the gameplay wasn't exactly bad. Actually, the cave that apeared to be a maze sucked. But that's beside the point. Your map wasn't visually interesting. At all.

Daimondus Zone, Act 2 by Glaber - 4/10
Um, it was linear. Of course, I don't think that's exactly bad, because I can't get lost. The other thing that really stood out was how the map seemed to shift between hecka-open areas and cramped hallways. The texturing is still horrible, too.

DimenGlabSpecial by Glaber - 0/10
Linear special stages are bad. I mean, it even has end signs for Pete's sake.

Forever Forest by BlueZero4 - My own map/10

Sadly, it crashes at the moment. FF doesn't seem to notice anything I'm saying regarding FFZ at the moment, so I think I'll deal with this later.

glaber 03-01-2008 03:36 AM

Did you at least get the emerald?

And Daimondus act 2's textures were still bad? Ok then, what's bad about them?

BlueZero4 03-01-2008 03:43 AM

No I didn't get the emerald, I couldn't be bothered.

The textures just kindof mush together. It's like the Chex Quest carpet with sprinkles. Not to mention that texture that looks like it should only be used on ledges tiles horribly. I'd say make it taller so that you don't see the lip twice.

glaber 03-01-2008 03:46 AM

I never Played Chex Quest so I don't know what texture you're compairing these to.

BlueZero4 03-01-2008 03:52 AM

Pretty much that.

Chaos 03-01-2008 03:56 AM

What's with all the NiGHTS levels?

Simsmagic 03-01-2008 04:17 AM

Let's start off with circuit, now.

[color=cyan]Freezing Flare Zone by Simsmagic[/color] lol/omg(Mine)
[color=green]Pointless Ramblings (Feel free to ignore):[/color] I made this level because I have not yet come across another map that shares its theme. And, like all of my maps, it is not without its problems. It is a little cramped, I need to create an activator for that one starpost (which, surprisingly, neither of the two reviewers have pointed out)), and make the area basically less deadly.
[color=cyan]Tslxruf Village by ""[/color] 3/10 (Very Below Average)
[color=green]Grafix:[/color] The only seceric part was at the real beginning with the village there.
[color=green]Gameplay:[/color] This entire level is basically one huge thokfest, which generally aren't very fun in my opinion. There are a few cramped corridors, and then the staircase going down, which breaks flow IMMENSELY, making it very confusing.
[color=green]Gimmix:[/color] There are shortcuts to allow Tails/Knuckles players an advantage, but there are no challenges in these shortcuts, giving those players an unfair advantage. Plus, about 3/4 into the level, there is a death pit that was placed pretty unfairly, a lives eater if you don't that it's coming.
[color=cyan]Endless Mine Zone by Glaber[/color] (4/10) Below Average
[color=green]Grafix:[/color] The mine theme isn't that bad in my opinion, and the loop was pretty cool looking, I guess.
[color=green]Gameplay:[/color] And here's where it starts going down hill. There was virtually no difficulty, and the shatterblock in there made things harder.
[color=green]Gimmix:[/color] The only Gimmick I ever saw in there was the shatter block; other then that, it's pretty bland.
[color=cyan]Wacky Track Zone by SonicMaster
[/color]8/10 (Great)
[color=green]Grafix:[/color] This level has some very nice graphics in it, from the background, the the decor, everything looks nice.
[color=green]Gameplay:[/color] It's very very fun NiGHTS level. Flow isn't broken, the items actually look like they've been placed strategically in this one, and there seems to be enough obstacles to call it a NiGHTS level.
[color=green]Gimmix:[/color] Well, you can't really place a good Gimmick in a NiGHTS level due to it's different style of gameplay, but the gimmicks here are very good.

Well, that's it for now. SP coming soon, as well as the HMS video if I feel like it.

HMS123311 Video Finished and Released

glaber 03-01-2008 04:59 AM

Ok I just played Chex Quest and even after looking at the texture in game and in the screen shot I don't think there wasnt much wrong with the textures except that bit about the texture that didn't tile right.

(corrected my thought)

Jazz 03-01-2008 05:20 AM

Single Player:

Emerald Valley Zone by I'll Begin (6/10)

Quite a solid map. Was very nice to my eyes (especially in comparison to the other maps.) Platforming was nice in more than a few places, but I felt like there was a bit too much open space overall. It was very good looking open space, don't get me wrong, but still. I also found it quite nifty that you used an Egg Capsule to end a normal stage.

Icy Caverns Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk (3/10)

This map was extremely flat. I was doing a lot of "thokking" and not a whole lot of jumping. I would also suggest scrapping the room with all the spike balls, as quite honestly, I merely right-clicked my way through it. You really want to have more substantial sector-based hazards and platforming rather than a bunch of random damaging objects spread around.

Lavender Lagoon Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk (4/10)

Better than your previous map due to the fact that this actually had vertical variation and platforming. The problem is the fact that you went to the opposite extreme on this map. Tedious jumping up steps while popping crawlas isn't exactly my idea of fun. However, it was still a nice change in comparison.

Coastal Cave Zone, Act 1 by Arrisork (2/10)

Flat, bland and more flat. The only time I had to jump was at the very beginning and the very end. Not only do levels need to be more visually interesting, they also need to provide more substance than myself simply "thokking" through it.

Daimondus Zone, Act 2 by Glaber (3/10)

It alternated between a lot of flat open space, to a lot of flat enclosed space. Your ripped Jazz Jackrabbit textures would look one hell of a lot better if the entire map was retextured the same. Either you go all SRB2 textures, or all Jazz Jackrabbit ripped textures, but not both. Also your custom enemies were remarkably uninteresting, mainly due to the fact that they were placed in wide formations out in the open where I really had no chance to fall on their spike.

DimenGlabSpecial by Glaber (0/10)

As much as I appreciate the attempt to replicate a Jazz Jackrabbit special stage, something went horribly wrong in the process. First of all, the path needs to be wider. Second of all, the "hands" shouldn't block the whole path, and should bounce you slightly when hit. The "spinners" should move you a lot faster, and not to mention that you never pick up more than 30-40 crystals in Jazz Jackrabbit...

Overall a cramped mess and not a fitting tribute to the game from which the idea originated.

Forever Forest Zone by BlueZero4 (9/10)

The best 20 minutes I've ever been lost. Its not often I can just explore a single level for that kind of time and not get bored. However, perfection was not achieved for two reasons.

The first was the sheer number of dead ends that didn't contain anything by my perception. There were some nifty platforming tricks I did to reach these areas, but more than a few of them wound up as simple dead ends, with nothing to be found. I like a challenge, which you provided, but I also like to be rewarded...

The second was the fact that it was not completely obvious that the teleport back to the near beginning of the map was a cue that I was supposed to go back to the level start to find the level end. I thought I activated something and needed to go back through the greater level and find what it triggered. Maybe use an alternate viewpoint to show the path to the exit being opened?

Otherwise, I look forward to getting lost within your future levels.

I'll Begin 03-01-2008 06:13 AM

Re: Official Level Design Contest Voting: January/February 2
Single Player:

Emerald Valley Zone by I'll Begin: purple/10
I'm honestly not too proud of this map, but I'm glad it's been accepted better than I thought it would be.

Icy Caverns Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk: 5/10
This level wasn't bad. I like the ambient colourmap the entire stage has, but I hate how murky the water is, even in OpenGL. Also a litle flat, but I enjoyed it.

Lavender Lagoon Zone by Boss/Azure Hawk: ???
Gotta play this one again. I'll edit my opinion in.

Coastal Cave Zone, Act 1 by Arrisork: 4/10
This one wasn't too bad but most of the time I found myself running on flat land, but you've got something going here. Hope to see you post another SP map in the next contest.

Daimondus Zone, Act 2 by Glaber: 7/10
I was told this one wasn't good, but boy was that guy wrong. I liked this one very much. It's a great improvement from your previous Diamondius map. Great job

DimenGlabSpecial by Glaber: 0/10
No sir, I didn't like it. No more Mode7 imitations PLEASE! Also I could easily jump over the hands, which should of been an unpegged texture with a fake floor that prevents passage rather than a bunch of FOFs.

Forever Forest Zone by BlueZero4: 8/10
The broken texture thing was a bit of a pain in the arse, but it was worth the wait in the end. Your map was beautiful. However it was a bit too big and I didn't know where to go half the time. After 12 minutes I ended up dying and not finishing the stage. Make it shorter


MAPA1 - Arial Match Zone by Cheese: 2/10
A map based on a generic font? Oh wait that's a typo. This map actually wasn't very good. It was too open, hell for Sonic and there was nowhere to run.

MAPA2 - Last Stand Zone by ST218: ???
Haven't played this yet.

MAPA3 - Sand Fish by ST218: 2/10
Stank. It was way too open and too bland and wasn't terribly fun.

MAPA4 - Physics Lab Zone by Jazz: 9/10
I loved this so much I can't even put it into words, so I gave it a 9. This map is brilliant!

Might rate the Circuit maps too. We'll see.

:SonicMaster: 03-01-2008 06:29 AM

1 Player Division:

Emerald Valley, 5/10
This had generally OK gameplay, but it did not have multiple paths. There were places that were too open that had these useless areas of nothing -_- It also had frame lag, so I opened this up in SRB2DB to see why. I think it's the fact that the FOF linedef is tagged to a sector that has tons and tons of sides.

Coastal Caves, 6/10
This was a little more fun for me. Being able to get the first Star Post for no reason? That didn't hurt gameplay, but it did make the level look less professional. I really liked the crumbling floor revealing spikes. ^_^ And why the volcanic area or the windows to the outside sky? And your secret paths weren't very good. They felt pretty much mirrored, which has absolutely no value whatsoever. Eh, still above average, though.

Lavender Lagoon Act 1, 3/10
The first thing I didn't like about the map was the fact that the waterfalls were blue and and the pools weren't. I did like the lavender lagoon idea, though; it was pretty. But the rest of the level was not. There was also an extra life on the main path. Why? This map was also linear, but I got lost; sorry, but that's really lame. :/

Daimondus Act 2, 4/10
OK, that was one of the freaking ugliest zones I've seen, and I had to knock you down for that. The drill bots (Drillakilla?) were weird as even if you jumped into them from the side, you would still get hurt. Still, nice usage of them. I didn't like the music choice; I'm aware it is the official Diamondus music, but I would have preferred a remix.

There are also multiple paths, but they're too short, and not fun. Wanna know how to make proper multiple paths? See BZ4's Nuclear Sunset Zone Act 2.

You can also see the rest of the level at the Exit Sector, which looks actually quite lame. It just does... The level is also too short. There are sections with OK level design, though.

Ivy Caverns, 0/10
No. The level had a repeated wall texture throughout. It was linear, but I got lost. AGAIN. The conveyor belts at the beginning are so lame. The ledge leading to them was too short, as in OpenGL (yup, I used Gemini's computer ^_^) , the camera did not adjust fast enough, nor would it look natural to. I died twice at that spot.

Once again, the Extra Life Monitor should NOT be placed on the main path. The area of the water with the springs was a total pain, as I actually could not find the spring. I had to use SRB2DB to find it. The level gets some things that start looking a little cool, like the quicksand. And then the level ended.

DimenGlabSpecial, 0/10
I don't mean to insult you, Glaber. But remember that noob S.O.N.I.C. who made Hiil Green Zone? That was actually a LOT better than this zone. Even MY bad special stage was not as bad as this.

This level is cramped and has a bad gimmick. That is Kaysakado's definition of Glaber Syndrome. :P

This zone has little flow, the End Level Signs look dumb, and it's very labyrinthine. The fact that my mean Ring collection time was less than 1 Ring per second is honestly really lame. I wouldn't have been able to beat it, nor would I spend the awful 6 minutes and 40 seconds seeing how much I could get. This, alongside The Shining River Zone, is the worst level I have played. Having been an SRB2 mapper for over a year (I think over 2), you should know Level Design by heart, right?

The only thing I liked is the music choice. And that would have made my initial desired rating (-1/10) pushed up to 0/10.

Forever Forest, 8/10
Well, this is the one map that you can tell was made by a genius. But I did get lost over and over again, but it wasn't too hurting, because it was pretty throughout. I did give up because I couldn't finish the level; in fact, I couldn't even get to the teleporter! 1P levels don't have to drag on for an overly long time to be good. But a solid 5 to 7 minutes would not be bad. And maybe you should use ZenNode. ZenNode can handle a lot larger things.

Second of all, if you want to make the map larger, why not just make an Act 2? That's a cheap way to extend the level, no?

Circuit Division:

Tslxruf Village, 4/10
Torgo was nice and told me the wonders of F11. The fact that I had to do that though, was really lame. It made the rest of the level look weird in terms of brightness (at least in Software mode). There was nothing really interesting about this level. So what if Tails and Knuckles can keep up with Sonic? There are other maps that do that.

Freezing Flare, 7/10
Very, very nice. You can't thok too much here; the visuals were interesting; and even though it looked cramped, it was open enough that you could move plenty fast. It did break the flow in certain places. Fix the crampedness (it looks bad) and fix the flow breaking. Then the map will be 8/10 in my mind.

Endless Mine, 1/10
NiGHTS levels are the easiest for me to design properly. But this was awful. Read Level Design, it has NiGHTS sections now. First of all, it was very bland, not to mention it doesn't look good to have the mine textures stack up on the walls. It was very cramped and it stopped the flow (not to mention that I got stuck) at the fake Shatter Block. That would constitute Glaber Syndrome again, which you actually said you attempted to do. How about don't do that next time, please? T_T And the Shatter Block respawned, too, which was highly frustrating. Ironically, the flow breakage made the lap time appropriate, which means otherwise, it would be too short. It was quite lame.

The whole race all leaned on if you happened to not get stuck at the fake Shatter Block. That is not good design.

Wacky Track, which I cannot rate because it's my own
I followed Digiku's advice on how to make Racing into Dreams *smashes that level* better. It helped. ^_^ I think WTZ is more interesting and fast-paced than Slumber Circuit, personally, but you may think otherwise. Reasons why? Slumber Circuit has a terrible lap time, and because of that, it's a rather unfair depletion of Drill Dash meter for those who lag behind. At least my zone does not have those issues.


Physics Lab, Better than Digiku/Maybe
I still need to play it with like 5 to 6 more players to see how good this zone really is. One can't find the other with 3 player netgames. I may never get to, as this contest is so abysmal.

Honestly, so far, this may be prove to be one of the best Match maps ever. The gimmick is so awesome; the sector layout is nice.

At this point in time of my opinion, it's easily worthy of Jazz Attack, if not v1.1. We need something to replace the awful Hydro Plant Zone, don't we?

Last Stand, 2/10
ST218, you managed to choose only those textures that cause the Moiré effect, and that looked really ugly. It was bland and open. Torgo calls this zone "No Effort Zone."

Sand Fish, 2/10
Read Level Design, please? It says to put proper sizes for your levels and to have cover for fire. The texturing was bland. If you're going to have a level that high (shouldn't happen in Match anyway), figure out a way to make the texturing less ugly.

Once again, Auto-Homing-Explosion. Please don't. And you have surprise death pits, which was kind of funny to see someone fall into. But that is still lame. Don't.

Arial [sic] Match, 1/10
This map is small enough that I could actually properly rate this in 1v1. But the platforming is annoying, and it's obvious just by looking at the map.

I had little fun here, and Gemini got stuck in the Infinity Ring area, which came off as very lame to us. Use intangible-from-bottom FOFs so that you can get out of there more easily. Please.

Season's Greetings Zone, No/Vote
I didn't get a proper chance to play this with enough players, so I can't give the best feedback. I really loved the double theme gimmick, though. On the other hand, there were some odd visual glitches at the alternate path. The hidden teleportation monitor probably wasn't a good idea. I could imagine frustration resulting from that.

And as far as map design goes, it's...different. It's quite wide for a CTF level. You should make your stage more linear than what you currently have. You should have dimensions about 18000 x 3400 instead of what you currently have: about 12200 x 5600.
Wow, this contest is very awful.


Originally Posted by My netgame log
I'll Begin> st218 fails at music choices
I'll Begin> nah
<torgo> YEAH
<sonicmaster> xd
<torgo> GOOD
<torgo> BECAUSE
<sonicmaster> you wanna stop?
<sonicmaster> xd
<torgo> ITS...
<torgo> SOO BAD
<sonicmaster> dethhhpickable?

Well, this contest has what I think will be two record breakers: DimenGlabSpecial for worst 1P OLDC level ever (current score is 0.20 since Glaber rated all the 1P maps), and Physics Lab for greatest margin between first and second place in terms of scores (I think it is).

BlueZero4 03-01-2008 07:04 AM

Well, SonicMaster, there's been a version Boinciel handed out going around on IRC for a while now. Even though Penopat may say that it's against the rules or some crap like that, it's just the file from thecontest witha patch copied and renamed. I swearz.

Vash 03-01-2008 12:07 PM

Re: Official Level Design Contest Voting: January/February 2

Originally Posted by FuriousFox

Um... isn't the file supposed to be 3.1 MB and not 2.57 MB?

Monster Iestyn 03-01-2008 02:43 PM

Single Player Voting:

Emerald Valley Zone, by I'll Begin: 6/10

This level seemed quite good so far, yet plenty of it is done for you thanks to the springs. There also seems to be some frame lag in places such as the first part of this level, where there is also plenty of open space, with not much things found there...

Also, extra point for the Egg Capsule at the end of the level (In fact, I think you're one of the first to do it - although I had the idea of doing that sort of thing for my Doomsday Pack Mod, yet the levels then were rubbish so I didn't keep them.)

It could have been a bit longer, but it's OK where it is here now.

Icy Caverns Zone, by Boss/Azure hawk: 4/10

The green colormap was distracting. The level as a whole was a bit boring, and not very challenging at all. The spike ball area was too easy, and why did you place that invincibility box in it where it can be gotten easily? Both the extra lives were a bit easy to get. The quicksand was OK, but why have it at the end of the level?

The level is OK, but it could be improved quite a bit. Make us use the jump button more. Make it go with it's name a bit more, as I don't think it's 'icey' at the moment.

Lavender Lagoon Zone, by Boss/Azure Hawk: 5/10

This level is a bit better than the Icey Caverns level you also sent in, but only because of the idea that you're supposed to jump a bit more. There were some parts where it was not obvious if there was a death pit at the bottom of parts where you jump off. Why did you have a grass texture for the top of a button? The door it opens takes too long for it to fully open so I can get through. The last part was a sort of part where I could have got lost, and I was lucky to have chosen the one that leads to the exit.

Yet again, this level is slightly boring, so try to make an improvement on this one too. I don't think grassy things go with deserty textures, but that's just me...

Coastal Cave Zone Act 1, by Arrisork: 2/10

Didn't feel that interested in the level at all. Boring, hardly any scenery to see, and that near the end enemies and rings are pass-through. That shows how big this map is... The first area is too big. Overall, this level is lame, yet is not totally bad, at least...

Diamondus Zone Act 2, by Glaber: 5/10

It's OK, but the textures are not that good. They are distracting, and I don't know why you had to get texture that have 'KILL THIS RABBIT' on them. It doesn't fit with SRB2. I sort of like the music for it, although I find it pointless to need to add music for both the title and GFZ1 as well.

Also, this seems like there was an Act 1 of this. I don't know where I could get it, though... And aren't those orange enemies Drilla Killas?

DimenGlabSpecial, by Glaber: 1/10

I don't like this 'special' stage at all - It's cramped into small, long and straight paths. It's hard to complete because of that, so why not allow us to get off these paths? This is hardly any good compared to the official SRB2 Special Stages.

This level is crap, plain and boring. The only thing that is good is the music. The rest sucks...

Forever Forest Zone, by BlueZero4: N/A (Unable to load)

What a shame... I didn't get to play this one. I had a look in SRB2 DoomBuilder and went into 3D Mode. From what I could see, it was a large level, and seemed more like 'ruins' than 'forest'. But it seemed a decent level, yet that since I can't play it, I can't vote it. Sorry...

I may want to vote for the Multiplayer Division as well, but maybe later...

BlueZero4 03-01-2008 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by Jazz
Forever Forest Zone by BlueZero4 (9/10)

...The first was the sheer number of dead ends that didn't contain anything by my perception....

...The second was the fact that it was not completely obvious that the teleport back to the near beginning of the map was a cue that I was supposed to go back to the level start to find the level end.

I apologize; your complaints stem from the fact that I ended up breaking ZDBSP. Apparently the organic shape I was shooting for needed more linedefs than ZDBSP could handle, so there's a lot I want to do with Forever Forest 1 but can't. The teleport and ending was mostly a "Kay, ZDBSP can't handle much more, what's the best way to finish the map."


Originally Posted by I'll Begin
Forever Forest Zone by BlueZero4: 8/10
After 12 minutes I ended up dying and not finishing the stage. Make it shorter.

Make it shorter? It's already shorter than I'd like it, considering ZDBSP broke. >>

Azure Hawk 03-01-2008 04:55 PM

My level was entered as Ivy caverns, not Icy Caverns.

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