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PKMNLives 09-20-2018 02:36 AM

Refinery Peak Zone
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Welcome to Refinery Peak Zone, a fun little map I made in a few days for Match/Tag mode. There are a few rooms. There is a lounge room with UFO wallpaper that contains bounce rings, an outdoor section with scatter rings, a furnace room with rail rings, an import room with a few items and rings, a control room with explosive rings, a storage room with grenades, epic disco with auto ring grooviness, 2 SRMs in different locations, and a few other rooms. This is my first match map, and this is the first time I've had a forum account.

Prime 2.0 10-03-2018 10:08 AM

Welcome to Releases, and welcome to the boards!

We have an introductions topic over in general discussion here:

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