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SuperSonic Dude 112 07-28-2008 07:17 PM

The Best Game you ever played
Mine would be Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Super Mario Galaxy and... that's it.

Spazzo 07-28-2008 07:27 PM

Tetris Attack.

Mikesword221 07-28-2008 07:32 PM

It's between H3 1942:Joint Strike.

Chao Freak 1 07-28-2008 07:41 PM

I thought about it and even out of all my Japanese games too, I have to say Spyro 1. even though it was made (I think) in America.

JEV3 07-28-2008 07:52 PM

Sonic 3K?

Ristar, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Starcraft deserve honorable mention though.

I actually didn't care for Super Mario Land, but Galaxy was pretty good. I loved Zelda and MP3 but they aren't my all-time faves especially because I tend to replay level-based games more frequently.

Chaos Knux 07-28-2008 08:42 PM

Megaman Battle Network series
Sonic 1 Megamix
M. C. Kids

Woodstock 07-28-2008 08:48 PM

Well, its hard to name just one favorite.

Jet force Gemini.
Sonic 3K
Command and conquer, yuris revenge.

I havent played any newer games, so this is
I might add more if i think of any.

Blade 07-28-2008 08:53 PM

Rayman 2 Revolution
Sonic 3K
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

sonic260 07-28-2008 09:01 PM


verifiaman 07-28-2008 09:22 PM

Sonic adventure dx

DanteEX 07-28-2008 09:39 PM

Super Mario 64
Super Mario World
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Sciky 07-28-2008 10:10 PM

Super Mario Galaxy.

A-star 07-28-2008 10:14 PM

SRB2. 'nuff said.

Camouflage 07-28-2008 10:16 PM

I don't really consider one game or another "the best". Instead, I just play what interests me at the time.

Akuma TH 07-28-2008 10:58 PM

Kingdom Heart 1&2
Sonic 3 & Knuckles

SuperSonic Dude 112 07-28-2008 11:33 PM


Originally Posted by sonic260

Wow I didn't expect that.

ShadowAurion 07-29-2008 12:21 AM

Tales of Symphonia

I'd say Brawl but that game didn't keep me entertained as long as Symphonia.

Jacy 07-29-2008 12:29 AM

Best game I played is Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It had one of the coolest final bosses from kirby. Not telling if you don't know already. :P

Jurai_Madman 07-29-2008 01:27 AM

PS2: Ratchet and Clank series, Shinobi, God of War series.
PS1: Spyro series (except the bug-ridden Year of the Dragon. I only beat the Sasquatch Six once, and even then it was a fluke.), Crash Bandicoot series, Rayman.
PC: Diablo II, SRB2, Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries.

hypershadow96 07-29-2008 01:31 AM

Kingdom Hearts ^^
And also The Metroid Series

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