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K.S. 02-14-2009 10:09 PM

XSRB2 - Something new soon? (old version is vX.01.6a -
(Stop looking here! Look in this topic.)

(Little notice: Golf can be found in the Bonus Levels menu, above Sonic into Dreams. XSRB2's beta levels are right above New Game for the time being.)

So, uh, yeah. I hate writing these stupid things too.

For those of you that have not been paying attention in IRC (or those that just don't hang out around it...), I've been working on my own EXE mod for a good quarter of a year now. Now that I've actually finished a couple Single Player levels for it, I feel it's time to let the general public mess around with it.

While I'm planning on including a completely new Single Player campaign, I'm designing everything in such a way that NO compatibility whatsoever with 1.09.4 wads will be lost. This means you can play Mystic Realm or whatnot in XSRB2's exe without any ill effects. How's that? ;)

Some of the major changes include:
  • Lowercase letters!, I'm not joking. Look at the screenshots.
  • Many, MANY improvements to Race mode. They help out a TON in netgames, that's for sure...
  • A working Golf mode!, I'm not joking about THIS, either.
  • And some other stuff you'll probably notice in the screenshots.
Honestly, there's a ton of stuff that's changed, I just don't have time to go and list everything here. (That's what the Readme's for.)

Daybreak Dash 1, in its near-complete state. (Yes, that's the Chaotix blue ring in that second screenshot.)
Daybreak Dash 3, with a COMPLETELY new boss. Also the Boss Health meter on the HUD.
Golf mode, in all its glory. Whatever. ;P
Just proving that I'm not lying about lowercase console letters...

Anyways. Now for the download links! I've kept the music and the game data separate to make things easier on people.

Official links:
XSRB2 vX.01.6a
Music Files

Do note that there are a couple music-related changes. A redownload of the music files isn't 100% NECESSARY, but you might be missing out on some things by not updating it.

Old mirror (vX.01.5b - JJames11919):
XSRB2 vX.01.5b
Music Files

Spazzo Edit: Because this is so awesome, I'm giving you a mirror on my own webspace. ;)
(do note, this is the old version... until Spazzo updates his mirror)

And, because it's necessary...
The source! 7zipped for the sake of the file size.

Also, this will be the last 1.09.4 based public release. I'm already starting to convert everything to 1.1/ME standards, so I don't exactly feel like working with 1.09.4 when it's going to be outdated in two months.

And lastly, thanks go to:

AJ - No duh.
Spazzo - Just for being Spazzo.
JTE - For SRB2JTE and it's MUCH better looking OpenGL. I can't not credit you for that ;P
InstantSonic - just because. :)
Senku - For some of the sprites I used.
ZeldaGamer00 - Extra crosshairs are fun!
Kitsune/fnd - Just because I can.
<strike>Cirno - baka baka~</strike>

So, yeah. Enjoy it and whatnot, I'm done with this extremely long post.

Cyan Ryan 02-14-2009 10:11 PM

Awesome, naturally. I've played this since X.01.3, and it pwns. :D

Spazzo 02-14-2009 10:23 PM

Kickass, Matt. Keep it up.

Violo 02-14-2009 10:25 PM

Is this supposed to be put in the SRB2 folder...
I think I'll take that as a yes/no.

K.S. 02-14-2009 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by Violo
Is this supposed to be put in the SRB2 folder...
I think I'll take that as a yes/no.

Very yes. It still needs SRB2's files to run, naturally.

Fawfulfan 02-14-2009 10:36 PM

This looks incredible!!! ...What does Golf Mode do?

Spazzo 02-14-2009 10:38 PM

It lets you play golf. ;)

[tangent]Did and of you guys know that SRB2golf was actually a planned gametype for the original 1.09? It was canned before it came out, but I think FuriousFox actually ended up making a slew of maps for it.[/tangent]

Violo 02-14-2009 10:47 PM

Golf mde was soooooo addicting. =D
I would really, really, really...wait for it... really, like to make some levels for golf mode. Can I?

Edit: WHAT THE?! You've un-securityified Red Volcano! O_O
I can't believe it. You did the unthinkable. Wow.

super 02-14-2009 10:56 PM

I love what you did for this, the Hud, boss life bar, the golf. How long did it take you to do all of this?
5 stars to you good sir.

Violo 02-14-2009 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by MattW_CFI
I've been working on my own EXE mod for a good quarter of a year now.


Jellybones 02-14-2009 11:17 PM

Seems good so far, but I haven't been able to play it all.

What map is golf mode?

Violo 02-14-2009 11:24 PM

it's in the Extras menu (known as Sky Room) and in Bonus levels it should say Sonic Golf.

Jellybones 02-15-2009 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by Violo
it's in the Extras menu (known as Sky Room) and in Bonus levels it should say Sonic Golf.

I meant the actual Map Number. MapA1, A2, etc..

Violo 02-15-2009 03:46 AM

MAPZ0 although they are random numbers for the level because they aren't all of the holes.

FSX 02-15-2009 03:51 AM

This is wonderful.

Thank you very much, MattW!

Cyan Ryan 02-15-2009 05:26 AM

Matt, can you add me in when you make your custom credits? I'm a beta tester and I found a critical bug. :D

Cue 02-15-2009 10:00 AM

One problem I have with the golf mode is that you don't really bounce on everything, one of the main things about adventure golf is that you can bounce on anything to get the ball in the hole, here you barely bounce on anything at all... :/

Hyperknux 02-15-2009 10:22 AM

Now this is what we need to see more. This mod was very fun for me especially the golf mode. But now I'm here to rate the single player stages. The huds were pretty cool, and I need to test out race, now back to where I was.

Daybreak Dash Act 1: 6/10, Nice for a introduction to the mod level if you know what I mean, but it wasn't really that challenging, and also, some of the design was also quite bland too, so add some scenery, and add a challenge or two to make it interesting. Your enemy placement appears to be crowded together in some spots. Spread em out a bit. I also found 2 glitches.

Thok barrier glitch.

Software glitch, although it's more easier seen if you click on the picture.

Daybreak Dash Act 3: 7/10 Now this boss was challenging, I enjoyed this battle. The stage could of been bigger though.

Golf mode was very well done, but as Cue said, the golf ball needs to bounce around when it hits a wall, not just stop dead. Have you considored adding bounce effects on your wall sidedefs? because it might work.

Overall, it's looking good. Only a small bit of flaws & glitches need fixing, and this mod could be a very promising one.

Autosaver 02-15-2009 05:05 PM

Is is just me...or in XSRB2 my mouse is refusing to work.
It did in normal Srb2.

It does accept the scroll button,but I like to use my other buttons for ring toss/jump.

Cheese 02-15-2009 05:41 PM

This is the best mod I've seen for awhile. I like the music. The music for the character select screen and the music for the first level must be from Super Monkey Ball. The levels could use some improvements.

The first level was too open, boring, and confusing. I had no idea where to go, until I started following the rings. The boss was fun and challenging, but the level could use more scenery. Golf got boring after awhile, and could use some improvements. Sonic really needs to bounce off the walls in golf mode, and the levels need more scenery. The golf mode levels could be bigger, also.

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