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Kalaron 12-08-2008 12:58 AM

SRB2CB - Community Build (Final 1.09.4 Version!)


Ok, this time, SRB2CB is finished until someone else decides to maintain it.
A lot of new things have been added and tweaked in this version, hopefully it'll give you something to mess around with until SAGE comes.

A LOT has changed

Changes to SRB2CB since the last MB release:

In order to use minigl, your settings in SRB2CB.cfg for gr_filtermode must not have _Mippmapped in it
You must also use the launcher and put a "-minigl" parameter in the SRB2's laucher

- For compatibility reasons, object numbers for some things had to be changed:
Yellow Sideways Spring 100 to 700
Red Sideways Spring 101 to 701
Carnival Bumper 102 to 702
Balloon 103 to 703
Respawn-able Balloon 105 to 704



SRB2 Doom Builder Config:



- MiniGL support: This will help with OpenGL issues on Windows Vista and Windows 7
- Custom fog per level "levelfog = 1, levelfogdensity, and levelfogcolor
- Respawnable balloon added (in the new doom builder SRB2CB.cfg)
- Opengl fade in's happen every time the level title is drawn
- Opengl sprite shadows are relative to sector light, so shadows get darker if lightning flashes and things like that
- "loadscreen" console variable can now be blue
- Added mapinfo, it shows a note under a level's title, to use it in a level header, type: mapinfo = insert note here it's centered too!
- Added mapcredits option for map headers, "By:" isn't put though
- Divemove - keep momentum while jumpdiving
- Noboom attack : no invincibility while booming
- "con_trans" option, sets the transparency of the console in OpenGL
- Grading system option added to coop
- JTE Addition: sky is drawn behind a map in software, so no HOM in software when outside a map
- JTE Addition: the title sky can support any resolution
- Using objectplace now freezes time
- Map name, and the Act number get printed in the console on level load
- Particles are made translucent
- Imported lowercase from XSrb2
- Imported colors, press "TAB" when talking to change colors
- Superflags from XSRB2
- Sa style jump for characters "sajump = 1"
- 2D mode has been greatly improved
- Characters can be semitransparent defined in their skin - (chartrans = 1 to 100, 100 is most transparent), there's only 1 transparency level in software
- Updated camera when a person dies in 2d and 3d
- New camera effect when exiting a level
- "supertest" console command for testing superforms
- Custom char max jump height increased to 128, 128 makes you jump about 3x higher than 100
- You can adjust the player's position when moving into 2D sections by putting a teleport object into the sector the player transistions at, this works for sectors tagged with an enable 2D effect, only one teleport can be placed per sector
- Objects and stuff don't show through sky floors, walls still need to be done


- Software mode now has an updated text hud for the disable/enable sector effect.
- Sprites don't get colormaped until they are under the colormaped area, so things like water tinted with a blue colormap display better
- Nights mode draw distance fix
- Fixed the entire code so it does not modify cam_dist value in game



- Support for all combinations of a custom FOF linedef

- Srb2CB's icon is now high resolution, it supports a Mac OS X Leopard's resolution of 512x512, Vista's 256x256, and down. The icon is the same one that was on the SRB2 wiki's main page at the time of this commit, but scaled up. It's actually pixel-ly on purpose, to complement SRB2's unique software renderer.

-The version is now 1.02, it'll going to remain at that version. The "SUBVERSION" string has been updated as well, this will also remain. Version numbers are just going to be for clearly identifying SRB2CB from the normal SRB2.

- Mac version number update
- Linedef 184 is now a platform(able to jumped from underneath)
- Less particles on steam and fire for faster performance
- Water & fountain particles are now white, instead of blue
- ifdef'd some more things in the source code
- Updated things for particles in the title screen in the source code
- Doomstat.h works with C++'s bool function, so SRB2 can now compile a bit if any new C++ files are added
- All .c, and .h files converted to UTF-8 format (was "MacOS Roman"), for consistency.
- ExtraInfo.h and Particle.h removed and merged into proper groups
- Camera default is closer to stop issues with levels
-Disable/Enable character ability sectors don't require a floor touch
- Sonicboom is much more balanced - you're not totally invincible now, you can set these options via mapheader
- Corona size slightly smaller
- Objectplace cv_speed value changed back to 16
- Small animals disappear now
- Redwall error only appears with devmode enabled
- Pegged textures display correctly in OGL
- Imported OpenGL water rippling
- Opengl dev menu updated to turn on shadows, water ripple and md2s
- More polished thok graphic handling, it handles mario color changes,
and some after images changed
- More polished routine for jumpdive and sonicboom
- A sprite can be drawn flat parallel to the floor, for custom OpenGL effects
- Nights speed is slightly slower so it's more controllable
- Removed shadows on hoops and other objects to speed things up in OGL
- Some more defines and some optimizations to OpenGL
- Netplay stability improved
- Seenames are more stable and have a better range


- Extra/Particle folder removed
- Doxyfile updated
- Typeoflevel limit increased for extra game types
- Fixed some stuff written to netgame saves that was the wrong type, twodmove was int in the player structure, but written as a byte
- P_Resetplayer didn't reset all new custom stuff
- Some more opengl layout fixing
- Stuff set in place for a new game type(will never be finished though)
- Some math corrections
- Some funtions changed to static
-"better" transparent wall and floor sorting, transparent walls overlap(although it's front to back, not back to front), which may be better than how they were before because you can see through different transparent walls now, which some levels may need
- Mippmapping intensity turned down on half transparent textures to avoid artifacts and cause speed up on lots of maps
- Ridiculously simple slow motion code in place, to be used for stuff somehow(not enabled)
- Better OpenGL side clipping
- Splats are back and they work in OpenGL now and don't crash, though still in #ifdef


April 24, 2009:

Just a small MD2 demo

Also, SRB2CB now has a branch on the main SVN, so no source code zips will be released anymore(which makes releases SO much easier)

I still don't know who the maintainer of this is going to be, it's still me currently, though I wish other people from the community could help maintain this.......

Features in 1.02:

Going to fix any netgame issues
New high res program icon
new time freezing boss
other stuff


April 10, 2009:

New Release:

Changelog -


So yeah, final release of SRB2CB, by me anyway, hopefully it's completely stable, it certainly won't crash anymore than normal srb2, the only thing I'm unsure of is 2D in netgames...

+Springs can float by adding springfloat = 1 to a map header - only reason you have to put something in a map editor is to preserve compatibility with maps that didn't intend to use this feature

+Balloons, springing particles and fountains for both

+New carnival bumper thingy, thing type 102, with a strange sprite too! :P

+New transparent platform FOF

+particle code correction

+Default 2D speed is increased

+Fixed major netcode stability bug with match mode

+New disable character ability sector effect allows the character to not use their special ability

+Particles are much more optimized


Yeah, I'm done with this project, it was pretty fun to mess with 1.09, anyway, onwards to SRB2ME!

Edit: SRB2ME got delayed for 2 more months.....guess I'll still try maintaining this a bit longer


Source Code (Not needed to use SRB2CB)


SRB2CB Doom Builder Config:


April 8, 2009:
We support balloons in the current unreleased version, random feature yes, still looking for more feature requests.

It's quite fun actually, you can bounce and pop every single one of those balloons, they can come from a never ending fountain stream if you want them to.

They're just like a spring that floats up in the air, complete with custom popping noises and sprites.

All of this is hard coded so it works as best as it can, of course.

And no, it does not lag.



SRB2CB is a new idea on how to improve srb2 as a canvas for level designers. It's goal is to keep expanding on the idea of providing more variation to modders. Seeing the ever growing list of suggestions of what should be in SRB2, it seems more and more likely that many good suggestions probably won't be officially implemented in SRB2, since we're an open source community, it's very easy to try and cater to those suggestions if the staff won't do it.

The reason why it's named community build is for one reason, there's many different exe mods maintained and worked on by different people, by taking suggestions and contributions from the whole community allows for a much wider range in making SRB2 better as a whole.

So this means that anybody can contribute to this project, whether it's code, socs, sprites, or textures to use for making more varied levels for SRB2, as long as the contribution is good enough.

If you're contributing source code, it's preferred that you ifdef your code if you post a source file, if it's a snippet, just tell us the name of the file and where to put it.

The extra file - SRB2CB.dta, is there for any sprites, texture, or sound addons for gameplay effects in the future, so any kind of file can be added to SRB2, meaning CB isn't just an exe mod, it's a wad too.

The data file will be updated once enough content is collected for each new release.

A few features have already been put into this to start off, the focus of new features are mostly on gameplay and the interface, various things from other mods are also included in here:


Sector Types:

500-510: Trampoline:

The sector springs you up like a trampoline. 500 is the weakest bounce, 510 is the strongest - You can overide the bounce of any preset by tagging a linedef to a sector that uses the effect

513: Waterslide:

Combines with line type 183, it's setup like a speed pad, but the direction of the linedef is correct to the direction of the way the current goes:

Setup a sector, give one of it's linedefs a type of 183, the length is how fast the slide is, the direction of the linedef is the direction of the current. Tag the linedef to a water block to give that water block the effect.

The fof doesn't need to be a water block to work, it works with any kind of sector as well.


Thing Types:

Sideways springs: Works just like you'd expect - the player gets pushed in the direction of the spring. You don't change into your spring animation and maintain you momentum
Yellow Spring: Thing type 100
Red Spring: type 101



Small animals scenery: They don't disappear and can be placed individually as an object in a map

Coronas have been fixed: They always display correctly and don't fade out - if a corona has a "deaf" flag, it doesn't stick to the ceiling

They can be socced now, and SRB2CB uses particle effects by default.
Particles can be turned on or off by using the "particles" console variable.

A_EmitParticle: var1 is the frequency, which is the rate of particles that are emitted a second, the value can be from 0 to 255
var2 is the color of the particles from 1 to 16

Dynamic 2D mode:
You can't move out of the 2D plane:
The player can only travel in the direction intended, nothing pushes you off the edge of the plane anymore
If you come in at a wrong angle, it auto corrects your angle
2D mode speed is controllable by linedef - mappers have the option to add or subtract to the player's maximum 2D mode speed
Control 2D mode's camera angle and distance by linedef:
This can make knowing what's in front of you in 2D mode so much easier
2D shifting from 3D mode: By using a special sector effect, the player can transistion to and from 2D mode while in a 3D level, no more need to define 2D levels in a map header

Day to Night:
Like Shuffarb2, you can put daytonight = 1 in a map header to enable the day to night function.
The addition to timeofday is that the fog dynamically changes, such as fog being thicker and darker during the night
and an orange tint during sunset.

Level Tests:

Here's a couple simple test levels, eventually a collection of test maps showing every new feature will be put into one wad.

Trampoline Test:

Dynamic 2D mode test:


Changelog (SRB2CB v0.1 - v1.0):

Many bug fixes and such

New move - Jump Dive, press spindash in the air to slam straight to the ground, enable it by adding a jumpdive = 1 in a map header

MD2 Colormap and translucency support

Increased speed limit, players can travel up to 80 Fracunits a second

Network security update

2D mode speed is faster by default

Added support for changing 2D mode's camera distance

2D mode camera does not reset when the camera distance variable is set to a low distance

Added community pack textures to the data file

New map options:
homing - Allows homing attacks
lightdash - Allows lightdashing
nostopmusic - Make sure the game doesn't not interrupt the level music, doesn't change the music at the end of the stage either
levellightadd - You can change the brightness of a whole map by using the map header
sonicboom - Allows mappers to use a sonic rush like boosting move
jumpdive - Enables jump dive

Lots of other stuff


Changelog:(SRB2CB 1.0 - 1.0a)

OpenGL is faster by default, it renders less polygons on the screen, not usually noticeable, can be changed in the menu under 3D settings.

More setttings savable like the camera default height and distance, etc.

New Button: Action1 Button, used for new SRB2CB moves like boosting, digging, and spin disengage, jumpdive still uses the spindash button though.

Better performance and more stable over all.

NOTE: The version number has not been bumped, but it's still a big update.


Changelog:(SRB2CB 1.0a - 1.001)

- Support for 2D cam angles greater than 180 degrees
- Boosting now instant accelerates you, hold the boost button and tap forward
- Merged extra C files, no makefile errors anymore
- minigl.dll is included by default (Use the -minigl custom setting in the launcher to use it)
NOTE:Minigl may work on some systems who couldn't use opengl, if your screen appears blank when using minigl, change the gl_filtermode setting to "nearest" in the srb2cb.cfg SRB2CB creates, minigl can't use trilinear or nearest mippmapped settings.


Changelog:(SRB2CB 1.001 - 109)

NOTE: Actual exe version number hasn't been changed :P

+Springs can float by adding springfloat = 1 to a map header - only reason you have to put something in a map editor is to preserve compatibility with maps that didn't intend to use this feature

+Balloons, springing particles and fountains for both

+New transparent platform FOF

+particle code correction

+Default 2D speed is increased

+Fixed major netcode stability bug with match mode

+New disable character ability sector effect allows the character to not use their special ability

+Particles are much more optimized


The new OpenGL system makes fog look much better, it can add much more depth to a level theme.

Coronas have been fixed to display properly, they can add an interesting effect for creating level themes as well.



Source Code (Not needed to use SRB2CB)


SRB2CB SRB2Doom Builder Config:

Prime 2.0 12-08-2008 02:08 AM

Ice 12-08-2008 02:52 AM

So is this just a contribution of sprites, textures, socs, codes, etc. as a resource? Or is it going to be some kind of mod?

Callum 12-08-2008 05:44 AM

I hereby approve of this idea and will be contributing content. =P Maybe everything in this will be imported into 1.1, hint hint AJ?

glaber 12-08-2008 06:09 AM

Better off saving some of this for a 1.2.

We do want to see 1.1 sometime in 2009 don't we?

Senku Niola 12-08-2008 11:38 AM

Knuckles' s_skin has digging = 1, yet he can't dig ingame.

Monochrome 12-08-2008 12:07 PM

Er, the .EXE's link is broken.

By the way, did you ask Shuffle if you could use his stuff like the daytonight lump in the header? :/

Rob 12-08-2008 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by glaber
Better off saving some of this for a 1.2.

We do want to see 1.1 sometime in 2009 don't we?

SRB2ME may or may not be 1.1. 1.1 will be the final version, with the probable exception of bugfix releases. Meaning no 1.2

Fawfulfan 12-08-2008 01:21 PM

So...Will the test maps work properly with the normal EXE, or do they have to be played in the new EXE?

Conic 12-08-2008 06:00 PM

They need to be played in SRB2cb.

Kilron 12-08-2008 09:14 PM

I also hope to contribute content. Levels take forever to make with the time I have. Scenery and textures, on the other hand, take me much less time. I've been working on enemies as well, but some of mine clearly require some actions to no longer be hardcoded to work the way I intended.

Cue 12-08-2008 09:28 PM

Re: SRB2CB - Community Build

Originally Posted by DashFox2007
If your contributing source code, it's preferred that you ifdef your code if you post a source file, if it's a snippet, just tell us the name of the file and where to put it.


Assembla is your friend.

Fawfulfan 12-09-2008 12:01 AM





Kuja 12-09-2008 05:34 AM

Awesome, you finally released a version. I hope this doesn't fall flat, as the beta versions I've played had some serious potential in level design.


Originally Posted by Dashfox2007
The reason why it's named community build is for one reason, there's many different exe mods maintained and worked on by different people, by taking suggestions and contributions from the whole community allows for a much wider range in making SRB2 better as a whole.

Hear that, people? This will only get off the ground if you support it. So throw the guy a bone, will you? :)

Dr.Pepper 12-09-2008 06:03 AM

This is an awesome idea Dashfox. :D If this needs any graphics,(like new textures, or sprites) I'd love to contribute to this, you have my support. :)

Fawfulfan 12-09-2008 02:18 PM

I have a great idea to make the new 2d mode even better! Instead of making it so that the direction of movement is fixed, make it so that 2D mode can follow a "path" using NiGHTS Axis Points, Transfers, and Lines!

Now, I know what you're all thinking: "What the hell, fawfulfan!? Don't you realize that would make 2D level design a bazillion times harder?" Well, my response is that 2D level tracks wouldn't have to be as complicated as the average NiGHTS mare. If you wanted to, you could just make the level with a single Axis Transfer Line, and it would come out as a normal 2D level. And even if you wanted to make it fancy, you could just make a few small curves.

What do you think?

Jazz 12-09-2008 02:23 PM

That is easily one of the best ideas I've heard in awhile. Would also make it easier to round corners and generally make 2D mode more dynamic. Could also use it for spiral staircases and the like. Possibly for split paths in similar fashion of NiGHTS maps.

Also, you would only have to include these axis and transfer points where you want the non-linear area to be. The rest of the level should be able to be left the way it would be normally.

Fawfulfan 12-09-2008 02:30 PM

Hey, yeah! That would make it easier to design levels! The game could be made so that if Sonic reaches the end of an Axis semicircle, he'd just keep going in a straight line from there, so you wouldn't have to outline the entire track.

Glad you like my idea! Anyone else have comments?

Mikesword221 12-09-2008 02:45 PM

That sounds great. Even though I don't know how to make both 2D and Nights mode maps. But it would be helpful for the level I'm thinking of.

Fawfulfan 12-09-2008 02:49 PM

Here's the basics on NiGHTS mode. This page just talks about what it is, but it contains links to some excellent NiGHTS level design tutorials.

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